A downloadable Endless Runner for Windows and Android

Tunnel Ball is a fast-paced, 3rd person endless runner where you follow a marble rolling down a Tunnel. Use your wits & snappy reflexes to rotate obstacles out of the marble's way!

Post your High Score in the comments. Enjoy!

Windows: A and D,  and
Android: Tap Left and Right

Hey guys, I'm a Game Developer located in Melbourne, Australia. Feel free to hit me up on;
Twitter - @kylekindaknows
Folio - www.kylekindaknows.com


Music - Waterflame


-Strike Beam-

Textures - Ninb Adam


Created using:

 - Unity                                                                           - Maya

 - Post Processing                                                    - Photoshop

 - TextMeshPro                                                         - Substance Painter  

  - Soundsnap                                                             - Audacity

Install instructions

-Windows PC-

  • Download "Tunnel Ball.zip"
  • Unzip the folder to a destination of your choosing
  • Open "Tunnel Ball"
  • Run "Tunnel Ball.exe"
    • Create a shortcut by Right Clicking "Tunnel Ball.exe"
    • Click "Create shortcut"
    • Move "Tunnel Ball.exe - Shortcut" to your Desktop

Do not delete or edit "Tunnel Ball Build_Data". Doing so will likely break the game.


  • Download "TunnelBall.apk"
  • Place the file onto your phone
  • Install the file using the Package Installer


Tunnel Ball.zip 27 MB
TunnelBall.apk 36 MB

Also available on

Development log


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